File this one in the “Things I’m Not Supposed To Say” category, but I hated being pregnant.

Yeah, I said it. I hated it. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word…nope, nope you know what? I’m sticking with it. I hated it.

Sure, I loved it in the sense that…

I enjoy reading income reports, especially honest ones. Sure it might not be as inspiring as some of the clickbaity, likely heavily embellished ones you see everywhere:

I made 6 million dollars at 18 by doing just one simple thing!

Lying. I bet the one simple thing is lying.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to breastfeed my twin babies.

To be honest, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to. For one thing, they were born 6 weeks early and had to spend the first couple weeks of their life in the NICU, and though I…

When I first learned about Medium (via a YouTube video by a person who I’m pretty sure I’m not even following on here) I thought it sounded too good to be true.

But I signed up anyways out of morbid curiosity and published a couple of stories, mostly reposted versions…

When my partner and I learned that the baby we were expecting was actually two babies, we agreed that after this we were done. Three kids was enough and we weren't about to take the risk of trying for a fourth and ending up with twins again. Hell, even just…

Angela Cartier

Mom of 3. Writing about motherhood, and my work from home/self employment experimental journey.

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