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  • Kelsey Marie

    Kelsey Marie

    Living a double life as a fitness trainer & freelance writer. Both a cat & dog person. Often overcaffeinated. Contact: kelseykwrites@gmail.com

  • Marcy Pedersen, MBA

    Marcy Pedersen, MBA

    Writer, analyst, life-long learner, and obsessed about improving life and work processes. Connect at marcypedersen@icloud.com

  • Bees & Honey Talk

    Bees & Honey Talk

    Medium top writer — Investing. Teaching you the things they should have taught you in school.

  • Vanessa H.

    Vanessa H.

    Explicit | Medicine Graduate and a Content Creator By Passion.I love to write about things I love — Social media, E-commerce, Marketing, Well being and Art.

  • Caroline Mellor

    Caroline Mellor

    Writer, mother and tea drinker living in the Sussex Low Weald. www.carolinemellorwriter.com

  • Rosjke Hasseldine

    Rosjke Hasseldine

    Rosjke Hasseldine founder “Mother-Daughter Coaching International”, training organization, author of “The Silent Female Scream” & “The Mother-Daughter Puzzle”.

  • Emilia Iwu

    Emilia Iwu

    Body Image Activist | Lover of nature | Wannabe Writer

  • Ossiana Tepfenhart

    Ossiana Tepfenhart

    I’m a weirdo who loves to write. Deal with it. Available for hire.

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