How I Got Started On My Self Employment Journey

Angela Cartier
4 min readNov 2, 2021

I lost my most recent job a few years ago. I didn’t get fired or anything dramatic like that, but the company I was working for shut down the specific branch I was a part of and as a result we all got laid off.

It happens, it was a bummer but oh well. 
On to new things.

Initially, I started sending out resumes right away. But a nagging thought kept tugging at my mind.

I didn't want a new job.

See here’s the thing, I hate having a traditional job. I hate working outside of the house, I hate that someone else gets to dictate what each hour of my time is worth, and put a limit on how much I can earn. I hate the daily commute...there’s just a lot of things I strongly dislike about a “regular job.”

But I also like making money. Even more than the things I dislike about a job, I really hate not earning my own money. My fiancé works, and that’s great but I’m not comfortable just living off his income.

I can only speak for my own opinions and my own relationship but I’m not a "his money is my money!" kind of partner. If you are and that works for both of you, Cool. But it’s not for me. Yes, we are a team and we tackle expenses as a team, and if either of us are in a tough spot the other will certainly step in to help resolve that, but what I earn is mine and what he earns is his, and for us that’s just the way it is.

Not earning my own money is not Ok with me for a variety of reasons, 3 of the big ones being:

  • What if something happens to my partner or his income and then we have nothing to fall back on?
  • What if I want to buy my partner a gift or execute some type of surprise? I’m not using money he worked for to buy him a present. That’s just not an option for me.
  • I enjoy setting, and then working towards achieving, my own financial goals. I need my own income for that.

I’m also not really a "Stay at home mom is a job!" kind of mom. Yes, being a mom is hard work. Yes it’s necessary and rewarding and important in a million different ways. But it’s not a job. It’s not paying any bills, putting food on the table or gas in our cars. It’s not building up our savings or paying…



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