Improve Your Writing Productivity: What I’m Using To Fill In Medium’s Current Gaps in Functionality

Angela Cartier
5 min readJul 21, 2022

If you haven’t tried Notion yet, you really should give it a shot.

I was on the fence about it but decided to test it out after reading another writer’s article about how useful it was for a writer, especially on Medium.

He wasn’t kidding.

Notion is packed with tons of cool features that make working as a writer a lot easier. I’ve barely scratched the surface and I’m obsessed.

As someone who has struggled greatly with productivity and focus, I really appreciate how Notion helps me to easily get back on track when I get distracted, as well as the many great options to organize all my ongoing projects.

Below I’ll explain two of the features on Notion that I’m loving right now, that actually help fill in some gaps that I’ve noticed here on Medium.

I’m not interested in bashing Medium. I personally like it here. I think overall, it’s a pretty cool platform. It’s not perfect though, and there are a few things I find frustrating about it. I can’t imagine I’m alone considering every day it seems I see new articles about how this platform is “over,” or people claiming they’re leaving, etc.

But I’m just finding my footing and hope to be here for a while.

These are 2 features that Medium is currently lacking, that I use Notion to help fill in the gaps:

Content Calendar

On Medium — like on a lot of platforms — you can schedule your posts. This is a really handy feature that helps you plan ahead so you won’t have dead space when you’re unable to upload for one reason or another.

When you do schedule your posts, however, the big issue I noticed is there’s no way (at the moment) to easily tell what you have scheduled and when.

This might not be a huge deal for a lot of writers, as long as it’s done and scheduled then…



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